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foobar2000 controller on HTC Hero

I had to see what this was all about. Pretty neat app :)

Foobar2000 controller with Wave Control

A quick demo of how foobar2000 controller is controlled by Wave Control. More info in my blog: Get the app in the Play ...

How to stream Foobar2000 music to Android Device

This is a tutorial that will allow you to control and stream music to Foobar2000. Links: App 1: ...

How To Control Foobar2000 from iPhone/iPad

So, one day I felt the need to control my foobar2000 music player from the comfort of my bed through the use of my iPad/iPhone, as my PC was away from my ...

foobar2000 mobile is an advanced audio player for android mobile

Read more: foobar2000 mobile is an advanced audio player for android mobile devices.

Miitomo losing steam, foobar2000, Google wants to end passwords - Android Apps Weekly

Written version - Welcome to the 142st episode of the Android Apps Weekly show! This week we take at a couple of classics that have been ...

Foobar2000 iPad remote

Control footer from iPad.

anamon iPad remote for foobar2000 (v1.5)

The iPad remote control for foobar2000 now FREE! Version 1.5 (first release) more info at

anamon iPhone remote for foobar2000 (v1.5)

iPhone remote control for foobar2000 now FREE!. new Version (1.5) - code rewritten for better performance - new: artist biography - more "applish" gui - already ...

How To Stream Music Via UPNP Using Foobar2000 v1.26

The link to the FB2K component: --------------------------------------------------------- Have you ever wanted to use ...

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